“it’s a boy!”

chocolate fudge cake.  dulce de leche filled. chocolate fudge frosting.  dulce de leche swirl. blue smarties.

I don’t believe in pink for girls and blue for boys but when a bouncing new baby arrives you just can’t help yourself.  I don’t send flowers or nappies towers, everyone else does that, I send cakes and I know it just wouldn’t feel right giving a new born baby brown cakes *yawn* – yummy but dull!   The ironic thing I suppose is the baby doesn’t know or care, although they say a happy mummy makes a happy baby, so I do and try cater to mum’s tastes. But back to gender specifics, and I should probably apologise now the amount of times I’ve said and am going to say BLUE but new baby boys means blue cupcakes I’m afraid.  For me, one of the hardest colours to achieve in that gustation vs good looks balance I strive for in a cupcake.

Last month gorgeous BabyG arrived safe and sound to very proud parents (who BTW are huge cakebook fans) so I wanted to treat them to a batch of cupcakes to celebrate.  Mummy said anything ‘decadent’ so I went with the double chocolate filled with dulce de leche – always a winner.  But the question still remained – what about the blue? To me blue just isn’t very food friendly, if anything its fruity i.e. blueberry muffins, but besides from that it’s slightly unnatural.  So to fulfill my need to keep them ‘baby blue’ I copped-out and whipped on the trusted smarties and some cute wrappers and voila.

All this blue babble has got me thinking – how do I do blue?

My go-to is blueberry boy bait with blueberry buttercream – blue(ish) AND delicious.

One of the new mummy’s I baked for didn’t really have a sweet tooth (and hates blue cheese) so I made savoury muffins and just overdid the blue ribbon – worked a treat.

And when all else fails – roll out the excessive food colouring (yuk) and try your best – personal fave is more of a ‘Tiffany’ blue – more style, less vile.

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7 thoughts on ““it’s a boy!”

  1. thanks eveyone 🙂

  2. Deirdre fung on said:

    Wonderful pics, love the style, smarties and box 🙂

  3. Catrina Braithwaite on said:

    Loved the styling of these!
    Any chance you can send to Australia
    When my grandlings start to arrive

  4. Yummy Yummy YUMMY!!! It’s a boy cupcakes were amazing!! Was gutted when eating the last one. Think my hubby only got about 2 and I ate about 5!!! So worth the calories for sure!!

  5. These cupcakes look so decadent and delicious, good thinking with the blue smarties 🙂

  6. Divia on said:

    I love the its a boy box..genius!!!

  7. All that blue is making me feel blue… Lovely concept though. Who wouldn’t like all those cupcakes especially when they come packaged in a beautiful “It’s a boy” box 🙂

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