smitten kitchen’s red wine chocolate cake

The one blogger that has not only kept me coming back, in this fickle and ever-changing realm that is the blogosphere, but amused, entertained, informed as well as providing me with a wealth of recipes (that actually work! – beautifully!) is Deb from smitten kitchen.  She’s awesome.  She’s probably known as a super blogger or über blogger or something because not only does she blog like a boss, she takes gorgeous photos and also has about a zillion fans – oh dear… does that make me a bloupie?

This month also marks the launch of her first cookbook (woohoo! on pre order here) so I thought I would celebrate with a bit of a tribute post of sorts, that I will now have to split in two and continue tomorrow as it has grown to be a ridiculouslylonganddrawnout post!  How dramatic. Deb commemorated her 5 year anniversary of smitten kitchen with this red wine chocolate cake and as I had a quarter bottle of pinot noir (don’t ask) that needed using, I thought it perfect.

This is the second time I have made this cake and if I’m to be honest it is a touch dry for me though it seems plenty love it.  To compensate and balance however I like to serve it with lashings of crème fraîche and find raspberries complement the dark vino fruity richness of the cake almost too well.

So on with the applause – stay tuned as tomorrow I’ll be posting my all time smitten kitchen favourites in cakebook’s very own… drum roll please… Smitten Kitchen Hall Of Fame – See you then!

(find red wine chocolate cake recipe in smitten kitchen’s original post here)
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5 thoughts on “smitten kitchen’s red wine chocolate cake

  1. Oh my… This looks so yummy. This is definitely going on my “must bake” list.

  2. Red wine, rich chocolate cake, a generous dollop of creme fraiche and a handful of raspberries. What more do you need? This looks absolutely delicious. Thanks for sharing your take on the recipe. Looking forward to your smitten kitchen hall of fame

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